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"D'Bomb!" - Abraham Lincoln

Who are the RRD?

Revolution Rabbit Deluxe (RRD) started as a solo project for founder and guitarist Rev Rab, but it quickly evolved into a four-piece band from the Welsh valleys. Their melody-driven innovative rock has garnered excellent reviews, and frequent internet airplay. With several plays on BBC Radio Wales, they are hopefully poised to conquer mainstream radio.

Tales from Armageddonsville, their debut album, came about when Leon West, producer of Goldy Lookin’ Chain, approached RecRock for artists suitable for release on Amazon, Spotify, and iTunes. With an album ready to go, RRD were put forward. The collaboration will continue with other RecRock artists soon to be available.

Like the Monkees, RRD live in one house and in-between writing, recording and gigging, they tour the world looking for crimes to solve. They lost their summer jobs as archaeologists on Time Team after a drunken lunchtime argument with Tony Robinson led to an unfortunate incident with a toilet, some dynamite, and a livid, wet, red-faced, tender-assed TV host. To this day, Tony twitches violently when he passes a lavatory.

RRD practice their thousand-yard stares. 

RRD’s Sold-Out Bunny design coming soon to a T-shirt near you.

Rev Rab

Founder, lead vocals, and guitarist of Revolution Rabbit Deluxe. Loves writing music, novels and screenplays. World’s first recipient of a talent transplant after his career as a pole dancer ended in failure. Supporter of Newport County AFC.


Bass player and backing vocals for Revolution Rabbit Deluxe. Switched from guitar to bass and hasn’t looked back… much. Sometimes sporting a beard borrowed from the Downton Abbey props room; the ‘Ben’s Beard’ debate rages on.


Guitarist and backing vocals for Revolution Rabbit Deluxe. Dan enjoys jazz and blues so much he once hid in Duke Ellington’s sock drawer for two weeks. His catchphrase is “Uh?”


Drummer for Revolution Rabbit Deluxe. Nick played drums in college for three years non-stop just to avoid his Nuclear Physics tutor. Supports Chelsea FC. His beatboxing has been described as sounding like… “a bluebottle bumping into a window pane at random.”

Where to listen

There are all kinds of places to listen and/or buy RRD tunes.

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