Friends of RRD

"Free home decorating" - Julian Assange

Friends of RRD

At Revolution Rabbit Deluxe, we really really love our friends… Perhaps too much according to the number of restraining orders we have been served.

Please visit our friends and say RRD sent you.

Ben plays his new bass line
Nick is impressed

RecRock is a Caerphilly based social enterprise running music related projects in the community. If you have a group who are interested in music, we can work with them to put on an event, gain a qualification, play instruments and most of all have fun.

David Jandrell – Author of fiction and Welsh humour books

WEIRD TRIANGLE is all about creating designs that make you smile, laugh, think, cry, engage and hopefully encourage people to be themselves.

We are inspired by the things that we enjoy (sci-fi, comics, movies, tv, books, music, long walks on the beach) as well as the world around us (nature, science, community) and try to bring some of these influences into the t-shirts we design.

EclecticMusicLover is Jeff, a guy from Palm Springs, who’s a wannabe DJ – of his own radio station! His interest in music began before kindergarten. His tastes are eclectic – classic and alternative rock, soul, R&B, funk, 80’s punk and new wave and classical, but also hard rock, metal, death metal, grunge, folk rock, pop, EDM, synth-pop, Brit-pop, hip-hop, some rap, blues and light jazz. He writes about music and favourite playlists. He enjoys discovering and supporting artists and bands, so writes reviews or articles to help them reach a wider audience.

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