Swipe Left

"Happiness is more things" - The Dalai Lama

Swipe Left

Swipe Left is a Brit-Rock, alt/indie exploration of the modern world. Less apocalyptic and dystopian than Tales From Armageddonsville, it still carries a potent lyrical message, while maintaining an element of playfulness.

The album opens with a short vignette called Doomsday Clock. Its sinister ticking is abruptly interrupted by the sonic assault of Cornucopia Croaked, an energetic yet fun exploration of our destructive tendencies. DefCon 1 kicks out at the threat of nuclear war but ends in defiance, “Rain, Rain on me.”

Gods of Folded Bills laments the disappearance of rhinos and other species we once took for granted. Superglue talks about karma, “Don’t you know that what you do, sticks to you like superglue?Angel’s Landing is set in Zion, Utah. It explores the uncertainty of stepping from the known into the unknown. Picture of a Man explores misogyny and control within relationship. Guess Which Number relates a divorce told within the context of two laughs. Father of Lies discusses a conspiracy behind historical events. It’ll Be Alright is a reassuring diversion. Forget worry, it’ll be alright. Punk Rock is Dead tells how the ethos of punk was exploited and monetised by capitalism. Sacred Book of Lasts returns to environmental concerns while Steel September Skies talks about inequality and how we don’t care about it as long as we are one of the ‘winners’.

We hope you enjoy.

Swipe Left’s front cover designed by Weird Triangle.

Swipe Left's rear cover, also a gem from Weird Triangle.

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The Inner Sleeve for Swipe Left

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Swipe Left – 22nd November 2019 – Bright Lights Gig City

Blog: https://curlywurly409.wordpress.com/2019/11/22/revolution-rabbit-deluxe/

Twitter: @gigcityblog

I recently found a new band on Twitter. Not my usual hunting ground for new music. However I was pleasantly surprised to have a band fall into my lap.

REVOLUTION RABBIT DELUXE – This four-piece arrangement from South Wales valleys describe themselves as a “power pop, Brit Rock, indie project.” I listened to their album and I have to say… I was surprised. I dont know what I was expecting with their description but they are EXACTLY what they say they are, power pop, Brit Rock and indie. The album, Swipe Left, is a fantastic listen. Honestly it took me back to 1996. I felt like any song off this album could have been on a “Best of Brit Rock” compilation. It’s the album you want on a good old casette tape. You can tell the guys have put a lot of time and effort into this. I found it hard to pick out one standout song because I genuinely enjoyed them all. I will however mention Punk Rock is Dead purely because it’s genius and I haven’t stopped singing it for days.

Seriously… if you want a band who are what they say they are, do what they say they do and transport you back to the glory days of Brit Pop/Rock, then look no further than Revolution Rabbit Deluxe.

Very Well done guys.

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It was a pleasant surprise to be contacted by Welsh band Revolution Rabbit Deluxe (Is that not a great band name?) about their debut album Tales From Armageddonsville. I was immediately intrigued by the lively, Brit-rock sound and its thought-provoking lyrics. Revolution Rabbit Deluxe began as a solo act by guitarist & vocalist Rev Rab (RR), but quickly became a four-piece band.



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