Revolution Rabbit Deluxe

"Bestest band evuh!" - Albert Einstein

Breaking News!


Our second album, SWIPE LEFT, is due for release in the Autumn.

Keep checking in for teasers, vids and other treats leading up to the release.

Who are the RRD?

Revolution Rabbit Deluxe (RRD) started out as a single person, but evolved into a four-piece band from the heart of the South Wales valleys. Their brand of melody-driven innovative indie and alternative rock has been garnering excellent reviews, along with regular airplay on the internet. They’ve recently been played on the BBC and they are hopefully poised to conquer mainstream radio.

Viva la Revolucion!

Viva la revolution!

RRD’s main influences are The Beatles and Eels for melodic inspiration and The Pixies and Smashing Pumpkins for rawness and the power and drive of the rhythm section. The lyrical twists of Divine Comedy and XTC are also prominent influences. Comparisons to Feeder, early Manic Street Preachers, Super Furry Animals have also been suggested by reviewers. 

RRD are not content with sitting back. Their new output is heading into uncharted seas with experiments in form and content. Gods of Folded Bills  and Cornucopia Croaked are planned to be the lead tracks of a new album currently being written.

LATEST NEWS - Our NEW STORE is now open

Thanks to the guys at WEIRD TRIANGLE, our store is now open. See the visually stunning range of iconic Tees and CDs now available.

Tales from Armageddonsville cover art

Front cover of debut album

Back cover of debut album

A sample from our debut album, Tales from Armageddonsville. I Can’t Change Your Mind explores love and mental health. We hope you enjoy and want to hear more of our album.

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