"Five stars and a cap in the ass" -The Terminator

The albums

Tales from Armageddonsville (2018) is a Brit-Rock, alt/indie journey exploring various voices in the modern world.

Swipe Left (2019) was our second excursion into Brit-Rock. It featured heavier punkier elements.

Myths and Fables (2020) The third album was more experimental. Retaining the Brit-Rock feel but being far more adventurous in its use of electronics

Album artwork for Myths and Fables by Revolution Rabbit Deluxe

The Great Divide (2022) The pinnacle of their previous work. It features all the earlier styles but presented in a more nuanced manner. it still retains that gritty edge that is RRD’s distinctive sound.

Album Cover for The Great Divide by RRD

Control Freaks (2023) The most sophisticated of their albums to date. Angular and hard but still retaining that punky edgy with melodies to get you singing along with. A genre breaking album.

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